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Hello! I am a graphic design living in Portland, OR and I love it. When I am not working on design projects I am usually out taking photos somewhere in nature. That is often times where I find solutions to my design challenges. Music is another way I fill my creative soul. If I am not out in the woods somewhere, you might find me at a local venue shaking my booty off.


I solve problems through design


People often ask me what my process is; how do you come up with that? There is no one specific answer and if they saw my art board they might wonder how the end results turned out the way they did. But here are some things I do just about every time I sit down to work.
Research. I love digging deep. It gives me a chance to see what is already out there, and I find inspiration, too.
Sketches. Lots and lots of sketches happen. These happen with pen and paper and digitally.
Refinement. I like to take my best ideas, the ones I will present to the client, and put them on a new art board. There, I start to fine tune them.
Final outcome. Next, I present these ideas to my client and together we go from there, coming to the final destination.


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Some selected accolades


Awarded first place for best graphic Collegiate Newspaper Contest 2019